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The Arminian Concept of God’s Will and Prevenient Grace

July 5, 2017 | by: Sam Storms| 1 Comments


Doug Sayers

Jul 6, 2017

"And if God desires for all to be saved in the way the Arminian contends, why didn't he?"

I can't speak for the true blue Arminian on this but, as an ex Calvinist, I can offer this much of an answer:

I think one big reason that God refuses to irresistibly impose salvation on culpable sinners is that He wants us to enjoy a truly volitional faith that works by love. Gal 5:6. God is robbed of the higher glory when our faith is an irresistible choice. An irresistible repentance and faith cannot be a faith that works by love. Likewise, a refusal to believe that would be irresistibly dictated by inclinations that were (also irresistibly) derived via God's curse on Adam's sin does not constitute a just judgment. (Per Edwards' theory on volition).

in the Calvinistic view, hell is robbed of its glory when those who end up there could have done nothing to prevent going there.

A fair and friendly warning (from one who's been there) for those who persist in the Reformed doctrines of salvation: The assertion that those in hell could not have done *anything* to prevent going there will haunt you every time you allow yourself to consider it.

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