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Should Women Wear Head Coverings in Church? Historical-Cultural Context and the Challenge of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16

July 14, 2017 | by: Sam Storms| 5 Comments


Kevin L

Jul 19, 2017

Paul's analogies were cultural, but his arguments were not. His arguments appeal to the created order and "because of the angels," neither of which is cultural.

Oscar Merida

Jul 18, 2017

So we had it wrong for 1965 years. Look back on images of church history and all woman covered their heads until the 60s sexual revolution. It looks like the women in the world burned their bras and our church ladies their veils. It's just another gain in worldly values in the church.

Paul Fritch

Jul 17, 2017

I found a very interesting, and for me fairly convincing, explanation as to why Paul said women should have a symbol of authority on her head in chapter 8 of a book written by Michael Heiser entitled Reversing Hermon. The chapter is titled "The Sin of the Watchers and the Head Coverings of 1 Corinthians 11.

Scott Price

Jul 15, 2017

The explanation Paul explicitly gives of the "why" of headcoverings is very spiritual. Transcendent really of time. Does not seem cultural at all. I'm not sure what the text means but the cultural explanations have always seemed anemic especially if you realize that the Holy Spirit inspired Paul to include this issue in a message He knew would be circulated for centuries. Paul wrote other non Biblical letter(s) to the Corinthians that surely could have addressed this issue if it was purely cultural or only relevant for the time.

Trey O

Jul 14, 2017

Hey Sam- I was in Corinth a few months ago and someone made a comment similar to #3 with bit of a twist. They said that temple prostitutes at the citadel above Corinth had shaved heads and they wore head coverings to hide this in the marketplaces. So, Paul's command here is more of an inclusive approach so that temple prostitutes wouldn't be singled out in worship. I've not done any research on that but it was an interesting idea.

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