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Is John Piper Happy?

May 4, 2017 | by: Sam Storms| 1 Comments


doug sayers

May 4, 2017

Thanks Sam. No surprise here, we get a very thoughtful and honest answer from Dr. Piper. I can surely relate to his list of failures and the reasons for them.

I think the biggest culprit in my failures to enjoy God most fully is my own carnal stubborness, which is born of a true freedom of will (that is, a God-given power of contrary moral choice). I cannot, in good conscience, blame God for failing to give me the necessary irresistible grace needed to resist temptation. His grace is sufficient for that which he expects of each one of us. I'm never sure if Dr Piper would agree with me on this point. ? He often sounds as if my failures would ultimately be God's "fault" for withholding the needed grace when I fail. ? The strong determinism quenches the spirit of life, love, and faith.

Thank God for the Man of Sorrows, who gives such happiness!

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