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10 Things You Should Know about the Theology of Martin Luther

May 15, 2017 | by: Sam Storms| 3 Comments



May 18, 2017

Sola Scriptura is not meant to suggest that there is no other religious authority, but that there is no higher religious authority.

Sam, could you further expound on this. My spirit seems to seriously reject this statement. Thanks.

doug sayers

May 15, 2017

Thanks Sam.

I still remember Al Mohler explaining that Luther was more taken up with "nevertheless" (danach?) than he was with "therefore" (ergo). That has stuck with me, as "nevertheless" is really crucial in our understanding the Bible.

I'm wondering (as with Calvin) if Luther ever was clear on the imputation of Adam's guilt to his posterity through ordinary generation (as in WCF). I have never seen it documented and would be surprised if either of them taught it; they both were trained in law.

I will not soon forget when I saw that M Henry asserted that those children born with handicaps and diseases must be presumed guilty of Adam's sin, and this is why God would ordain them to be born with their infirmities. (Rom 5) Also, when I read Whitefield's Method of Grace where he insisted that God would be just to damn us to hell even if we never "actually" sinned once in our entire lifetime. I doubt Luther would have taught that. It was the beginning of the end of my years as a Calvinist. I think if Calvinists are wrong about that then their whole system hits the iceberg.

Bill Bremer

May 15, 2017

Howard A. Snyder in the Community of the King, 1977, shows Luther specifically relates the priesthood of all believers to the gifts of the Spirit.

Here the prophet applies the Priestly office and adornment to the Christians, the people of the New Testament. He says that their worship of God is to consist in the beautiful and glorious priesthood of those who are always in the presence of God and perform nothing but holy sacrifices.
Well what is this "holy adornment," these priestly garments which adorn the Christians so that they become his holy priesthood? Nothing else than the beautiful, divine, and various gifts of the Holy Spirit as St. Paul (Eph 4:11-12) and St. Peter (1 Peter 4:10) say, which were given to Christendom to advance the knowledge and the praise of God, a function which is carried out pre-eminently by the ministry of preaching the gospel.
It is the Holy Spirit who adorns them in glory and holiness and clothes them in His power and with his gifts. (Commentary on Psalm 110 Jaroslav, Pelikan and Helmut T.  Lehman., eds, Luther's Works [Philadelphia: Fortress Press, and St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1956 -75] Vol. 13 pp, 294-95.)

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