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10 Things You Should Know about the Convergence Conference

September 11, 2017 | by: Sam Storms| 2 Comments



Sep 15, 2017

So excited about this event. Growing up in a charismatic church I truly appreciate the earnest desire for God's power from many in this "camp"; as I grew older, studied more, and saw more, I've also come to recognise the real pitfalls when God's Word is not put front and center in the church's pursuit of the Spirit's power. So for many years I have yearned for something like this! My husband and I recently moved to California from Australia (3 months ago!) and can't believe the great timing of this conference. Thanks for making this happen!

Jeff Logan

Sep 14, 2017

This looks like an excellent conference and one I would love to attend. I've been really blessed by the teaching from you and Bridgeway Church in the past. However, I Iive a long way away in Northern Ireland and attending the conference just won't be possible; will you be putting any of the talks and resources on your website after the conference has ended? It would allow people like me who have been really blessed by your ministry in the past on line, to benefit from this teaching.

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