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10 Things You Should Know About Augustine

July 24, 2017 | by: Sam Storms| 5 Comments


Sydwell Mthombeni

Jul 27, 2017

Thanks Sam, I have been reading Augustine's book called the city of God. Yet I knew not much about his biographical life except from Piper's sermon. So this is worth it. Thanks.

Urban Monk

Jul 26, 2017

Bc Augustine was not deviating to Catholic teachings, he was fully Catholic. He was not just at a "worship service" he was at a Catholic Mass, in which he fully believed in a sacrificial offering of the Eucharist.

Eric Lahr

Jul 26, 2017

The above looks like saving faith to me, beautiful and basic gospel 101. Augustine saw the depth of His sinfulness, the depth of his Father's love for him through Christ, repented, and was saved.

doug sayers

Jul 25, 2017

Thanks Sam, I never tire of hearing the testimonies of believers, past and present. It is wonderful to see all the different ways and means that God uses to bring us to Himself.

It will come as no surprise that I must quibble with this interpretation of Augustine's story:

"However, if there was a decisive human factor in his ultimate conversion, it was his mother Monica and her undying intercession."

There can be multiple decisive human factors in our coming to Christ and therein lies the glory and the mystery. We thank God for all the people and circumstances that the Lord uses to draw us to a saving knowledge of Christ! We must never wonder "if" they exist but give God praise for each.

Stephen Drake

Jul 25, 2017

Good article! I've been wondering about Augustine, though. I know Catholics - I'm a Reformed Baptist myself - quote him for support of their beliefs of Mary's veneration, baptismal regeneration, prayers for the dead, and salvation via the lord's supper. Why do you think his theology deviated into so Catholic an area? Do you think these beliefs would unqualify him from having saving faith?

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