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Feb 2018 21 Feb 21, 2018

Although I’ve written on this subject before, I think it would be helpful if we revisited Revelation 13:16-18 and the so-called “mark of the Beast.” As you know, this is an issue that continues to inflame debate concerning the end times and contributes greatly to the overall hysteria that serves only to discredit the Christian community in the eyes of the world. I have in mind the belief by many that the “mark” of the Beast is a literal tat...Read More

Feb 2018 19 Feb 19, 2018

Right now, without ceasing, Jesus Christ is interceding for all those who know him. It is a wonderful truth indeed. Here are ten things to keep in mind when you think of Christ’s heavenly intercession. (1) Christ’s heavenly intercession was prefigured in the Old Testament. We know that Christ's atoning death was prefigured by the offering of sacrifices on the brazen altar, but the daily burning of incense on the golden altar in the Holy Place (cf. Exod. 30:1...Read More

Feb 2018 15 Feb 15, 2018

Paul’s letter to the Philippians is often regarded as the most tender and joy-saturated letter that he wrote. I concur. Not long ago I preached a verse-by-verse series through Philippians. The entirety of that series is now available. There are 22 detailed lessons that walk through Philippians seeking to make sense of what Paul wrote and to make application to life. Simply go to the top of the Home page and click on Resources. Then click on Articles. You will see ...Read More

Feb 2018 14 Feb 14, 2018

We recently celebrated the early retirement of a debt we incurred to purchase our office building and to expand our facilities to make room for all the children who are present at Bridgeway. Some people wondered whether or not it was biblical for us to take out a loan. They suggested we should not undertake the renovations until we had all the money in hand. I appreciated their concerns but was not convinced that it was unbiblical to borrow money. The most helpful artic...Read More

Feb 2018 12 Feb 12, 2018

Not too long ago a book was published with the title: What was God doing on the Cross? It appears that there are two questions being asked, not one. First, “What was God doing on the cross?” Why was the God-man impaled on a Roman gibbet? It seems shocking that God should be crucified? Second, “What was God doing on the cross?” Once we've agreed that the God-man was on the cross, we wonder, “what was he doing there?” What was he accompl...Read More

Feb 2018 9 Feb 9, 2018

[Michael Kruger published an article on his blog on February 5, 2018. It is nothing short of brilliant. If you have not heard of Jen Hatmaker’s endorsement of the moral legitimacy of the LGBTQ agenda and her approval of so-called “same-sex marriage” you probably will sometime soon. Kruger’s response to her “de-conversion” needs to be closely read by all Christians. Please take a few minutes and walk with him through this fascinating is...Read More

Feb 2018 7 Feb 7, 2018

We read in Revelation 12:11 that the saints “conquer” Satan “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.” What does this mean? It does not mean we destroy Satan, for we know that will not occur until the return of Christ (see Revelation 20). In fact, it would appear that our victory over Satan in one sense only serves to intensify his wrath directed against the earth (v. 12)! So nei...Read More

Feb 2018 5 Feb 5, 2018

What is known as the satisfaction theory of the atonement is most closely associated with the name of St. Anselm. Here are ten things to know about how he conceived of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. (1) First, it may help to know a little about the man himself. Anselm was born in 1033 at Aosta in Piedmont (northern Italy) two years before William the Conqueror became Duke of Normandy. He died in 1109. He was a studious youth, amiable, and often displayed a profo...Read More

Jan 2018 31 Jan 31, 2018

Christians are divided on whether or not there will be a mass, global ingathering of souls at the end of the age. There may be a hint that could help us in Revelation 11:13. There we read: “And at that hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven.” We know that the “hour” in view here is the time of the end...Read More

Jan 2018 30 Jan 30, 2018

Our first national Convergence conference is now several months behind us, but we continue to hear on a daily basis of the numerous ways that men and women were blessed and encouraged in their passionate pursuit of Word and Spirit. Convergence as a national conference will be held in Oklahoma City, God willing, every other year. So, make plans now to join us in the Fall of 2019 for our second conference. But the overwhelming response we’ve received in the form of ...Read More